After earning a BS degree from the University of Iceland, she obtained a M.Sc and PhD from the University of British Columbia. She did her PhD dissertation with Professor John Scheffer, studying asymmetric induction in the solid state. In 1994-95, she was a visiting scientist with Professor Peter Wagner at the Michigan State University and investigated photoinduced radical cleavage reactions. Between 1996 and 1998, she was a NATO postdoctoral fellow with Professor Matt Platz at The Ohio State University, studying reactive intermediates. In 1998, she joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests are focused on reactive intermediates and organic photochemistry. Her research group has developed several photoreleasable protecting groups (PRPGs) that make it possible to release alcohols in various applications. Currently, they are controlling the rate of the release from these PRPGs using intramolecular H bonding. Furthermore, the Anna’s research group studies the reactivity of reactive intermediates, such as triplet nitrenes and biradicals, in solution and in the solid state. Better understanding of the reactivity of these intermediates in the solid state will lead to better design of organic crystals for new materials.


  • PhD University of British Columbia 1993
  • M.Sc, University of British Columbia 1989
  • B.Sc, University of Iceland 1985

Professional Experience

  • 2009-present, Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • 2004-2009, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • 1998-2004, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • 1996-1998, NATO postdoctoral fellow, The Ohio State University


  • 2013-2014 Fulbright Scholar, Univeristy of Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2012 Chemist of the Year 2012, The Cincinnati Chater of the ACS
  • 2012 Elected “Fellow of the Graduate School” at the University of Cincinnati
  • 2001 NSF CAREER Award
  • 1999 University of Cincinnati Faculty Summer Fellowship
  • 1995 NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 1992 Icelandic Research Council Grant

Professional Commitment

  • Associate Editor for Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology
  • Nitrenes and Nitrenium Ions. Editors Daniel E. Falvey and Anna D. Gudmundsdottir
  • GRC Photochemistry
  • Reaction Mechanism Conference
  • I-APS